Ryohei Kato (born 9 September 1993 in Numazu, Shizuoka) is a Japanese gymnast. He competed for the national team at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men’s artistic team all-around and won a silver medal. His father Hiroyuki Kato is the coach for Japan National team for gymnastics. Ryohei is a first year student at Juntendo University. He stands 162 cm (5’4″) and weighs 54 kg.

Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryoheikato0909



Officially started on August 9, 2012 by Kurumi Shim, AmazingRyoheiKato (ARK) is your ultimate fansite that supports the gorgeous and talented Japanese gymnast, Ryohei Kato. This site shares you lots of Ryohei’s cool photos, his awesome videos, latest news and everything related to Ryohei and his team. Join now as we show our love and support for this cutie gymnast. Let us win his heart! ^_^

Why AmazingRyoheiKato? It is because Ryohei Kato is simply described as an amazing gymnast who always makes his best in different competition.  Apart from the fact that he is undeniably gorgeous, many fans have been also amazed by his flexibility and physical strength with his young age. The involvement of star (☆) in the site’s name is an emphasis that Ryohei Kato is being a “star gymnast”. The letter “A” in ARK also stands for “Artistic” and “Adorable”.



Kurumi Shim, or simply Kurumi (born on January 18, 1992) is an anime enthusiast residing in the Philippines. She is also fond of manga, cosplay, J-pop, J-drama and anything associated with Japanese popular culture. She is also an RPG gamer.

She started to become a fan of Ryohei Kato upon watching his competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men’s artistic team all-around. After being amazed by his flexibility, she started to watch his different competition on Youtube such as the NHK Trophy 2012, the Korean Cup 2011 Artistic Gymnastics Championship and the Valeri Liukin Invitational 2010. Kurumi also thinks that Ryohei Kato is a gorgeous and talented gymnast, and she wishes that Ryohei will become one of the most famous gymnasts not only in Japan, but internationally.

Kurumi’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/KurumiShim

Thank you so much everyone! Let us support our beloved Ryohei Kato. ^_^

  1. Hello! Brilliant site! Great thta you update regularly! I want to ask something. Is ryohei single?

    • Hello Jennifer! ^_^

      I’m glad that you appreciate this site.
      As for your question, Ryohei-san does not have a girlfriend right now according to an interview.

      Thank you so much for visiting this site. Feel free to post your comments.

      -Kurumi Shim
      The Founder

  2. This site is very complete, I like it =)

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