[TRANS] 120923 Ryohei’s Twitter Update

Few days ago, there was a rumor that Ryohei Kato will participate in a triumphant parade on the 30th. It has been confirmed that he will take part in the said parade in Sumiyoshi, Soka-shi on September 30, 2012. This is according to Ryohei Kato himself who has just updated his Twitter account.

“Ryohei Kato to participate in a triumphant parade on September 30 at 10:50.” No need to know the image (・・;)) Is it like a parade in Ginza with a very small scale? Everyone should come. I can imagine myself waving my hands with the road unattended. So, please come. *laughs* 

Translation by: Kurumi Shim @Amazing☆RyoheiKato

Surely, many fans will come and cheer for you, Ryohei-san. So, please don’t feel nervous. Haha. But I know, you are just being humble, as always. ^_^  

About Kurumi Shim

Anime & manga enthusiast. Otaku Blogger. Gamer. J-drama fan.

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  1. It’s great!🙂

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