[NEWS] 120910 Japan Twitter Trends for August 2012 (Ryohei Kato is ranked 2nd as the Coolest/Cutest Male Japanese Olympians)

Every month, BIGLOBE releases a list of the top Twitter trends in Japan. Now that August has come to an end, they’ve compiled their data and revealed their rankings for the month. With the Olympics in full swing, it’s no surprise that sports and athletes were at the top of the rankings in August.


[Word Ranking] – [Most Popular Day]

1. The Olympics – August 13th

2. Comic Market – August 10th

3. Gold Medal – August 1st

4. Nadeshiko – August 6th

5. Silver Medal – August 10th

6. Volleyball – August 11th

7. China – August 7th

8. Ponyo – August 24th

9. Bronze Medal – August 11th

10. Bolt – August 6th

[Hashtag Ranking]

1. #precure (TV anime ‘Precure’)

2. #nowplaying (What they’re listening to now)

3. #TwitHitter (Twitter Baseball simulation game)

4. #nitiasa (Sunday morning anime)

5. #yuruyuri (TV anime ‘Yuruyuri’)

6. #agqr (Radio program ‘Cho! A&G’)

7. #joshiraku (TV anime ‘Joshiraku’)

8. #ladygo (Radio program ‘A&G NEXT GENERATION Lady Go!!’)

9. #Olympics (London Olympics)

10. #sht (TV Asahi Super Hero Program)

[Most tweeted Japanese players from the Olympics]

1. Uchimura Kohei (Gymnastics)

2. Yoshida Saori (Wrestling)

3. Kitajima Kosuke (Swimming)

4. Ishikawa Kasumi (Table Tennis)

5. Irie Ryosuke (Swimming)

6. Yoshida Maya (Soccer)

7. Otsu Yuki (Soccer)

8. Matsumoto Kaori (Judo)

9. Obara Hitomi (Wrestling)

10. Ebinuma Masashi (Judo)

[Coolest/Cutest Male Japanese Olympians]

1. Uchimura Kohei (Gymnastics)

2. Kato Ryohei (Gymnastics)

3. Irie Ryosuke (Swimming)

4. Kitajima Kosuke (Swimming)

5. Murofushi Kouji (Hammer Throw)

6. Otsu Yuki (Soccer)

7. Murata Ryota (Boxing)

8. Ebinuma Masashi (Judo)

9. Yoshida Maya (Soccer)

10. Nishikori Kei (Tennis)

Source: Tokyohive

Shared by: Kurumi Shim @Amazing☆RyoheiKato

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