[CAPTURE+TRANS] Few Post-Olympics Shows

SHOW No.1: Mezamashi Saturday

Quiz – Who is the most […..] member in the Japan team?

The majority will answer using fans!

Question: Who is the most hardworking when it comes to practice?

After peeking at other members’ answers, Kohei also picked himself

Kohei gave a big laugh

Host: So, you acknowledge the fact that you’re the most hardworking?

Kohei: I believe in the fact that anyone who works the hardest in the world, will be the best in the world.

Question: Among the team members, who’s the most popular amongst women?


Everybody chose Ryohei, except for Ryohei himself

When Ryohei looked at everyone’s answers, he muttered, “That’s a lie!”

Ryohei chose Kohei

Ryohei: Surely Kohei’s the most popular among women because he’s a superstar.

Hearing that, Kohei hid his face behind the fan


The youngest member of the team at the age of 18, Ryohei Kato, revealed an unexpected side of his senior, Kohei

Ryohei: Kohei really likes to meddle with people’s stuff…for example, he likes to hide our belongings on purpose!

Kohei laughed

Host: What do you think of a senior like him?

Ryohei: Well, it’s interesting that we kind of share the same point of view (on things)

Kohei: (laughs) We share a lot of things in common, so I regard him like my younger brother.

Ryohei: Haha!

Other translation here: Show No. 3 & Show No.4 (Mostly Kohei’s part)

Credits: chankayosnow @ameblo.jp

Translation by: penguinee @Tumblr

Feel free to repost but please leave the full credits intact. Thank you. ^_^

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