[VIDEO+TRANS] 120817 Celebration for Japan Gymnastics London 2012 Team


Please correct me if the date I posted (12.08.17) is wrong. Thank you. ^_^

I’m glad to see Koji-san. I hope he’s okay now. ^_^



Kohei: Thank you very much for giving us such overwhelming support. Also, I would like to apologize for making everybody worry about our performance during the qualifications. Although it’s regrettable to have only gotten a silver medal, for me, the fact that we were able to display a great show of teamwork is worth more than a gold medal. 

Ryohei: When in London, I had promised myself to defeat Kohei Uchimura one day. As for the team competitions, I will work hard with the team to get the gold medal for Japan be it in the World Championships or the Olympics. 

Host: What do you think about Kato saying that he wants to defeat you one day?

Kohei: In 4 years time, I think he will be the strongest competitor. If possible, I would like for us to compete for the same gold medal on the same stage. 

[Suprise guests, the band called Yuzu]

Yuzu: We will be playing the musical accompaniment, it would be great if Uchimura could sing the song for us. 

Host: Ah, I see…!

Kohei: No, I can’t! I can’t! 

Yuzu: It’s too much of a challenge. 

[ Yuzu singing 栄光の架橋 – the Japanese theme song for Athens 2004 ] 

Kohei: (Team Japan’s win in Athens) 8 years ago moved me and left a very deep impression on me. We wanted to recreate that excitement for the Olympics this time, but we couldn’t do so, and we have to wait for another 4 years. To hear that song again, it gives us the inspiration to work hard.

Translation by: penguinee @Tumblr

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