[TRANS] 120820 Ryohei’s Twitter Update

TRANSLATION: (Read from bottom to top)

I saw the news on Miyaneya about the gymnastic association’s victory celebration!  So touching/moving!  Someday I will get carried away and defeat Uchimura Kohei  (;つД`)-laugh-  Kohei-san will always be my aim/goal, I will do my best to reach it! I am too embarrassed to say this face-to-face (to Kohei?) –laugh-

Yusuke’s reply:

@ryoheikato0909 ケンシロウ調子いいね(^^) ま、とりあえず インカレ怪我なく頑張れよ~♪

@ryoheikato0909 How nice of you to say that Kenshiro(^^) all the best & stay injury-free for the inter-college  competitions~♪

@yusuke165 I support you!  The gold medal will be Yusuke’s if you aim for it(^^)v ! Not saying it’s a  promise tatatatatatatatatatata

Yusuke’s reply:

@ryoheikato0909 当たり前やん。 テカリンピック銀メダリストやからな。 ケンシロウも来たら良かったのに。。

@ryoheikato0909 Naturally/of course. I am an Olympic Silver medallist. I also wish Kenshiro came*.. (T/Nnot sure if this is what he meant, but if it is maybe Kenshiro is his nickname for Ryohei?😛 &wild guess but Yusuke might be referring to this character (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenshiro) who is an ace in martial arts.)

@yusuke165 I wanted to go too (;つД`) I saw the news! Today Yusuke was shining(^o^)/forehead (T/N: Ryohei’s referring to the parade he previously tweeted about – he couldn’t attend it because he left to Sendai for the inter-college competitions. & i think he teased Yusuke by saying he was ‘shining’ ie. handsome, then said it was his forehead that was shiny😛)

Translation by: Jardena&EstherSoh&NicoleLim&JanYuktanand@facebook.com/kato.ryohei.fanpage

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