[VIDEO+TRANS] 120813 Japan Gymnastics Men’s Team on FujiTV’s Sport



Interviewer: The Olympic gymnastics team members who obtained silver medals for the country are here today. Congratulations on your achievement.

All: (solemnly) Thank you.

Interviewer: Are you all a little tired today?

All: Yes (laughs)

Interviewer: First of all, we had asked people on the street to give their opinions about the London Olympic Games. One of the questions was, what do they think is the most touching moment? Let’s hear it.


Couple: The Tanaka siblings’ handshake after the games.

Man: Uchimura’s stuck landing in vault. 

Woman: (Uchimura’s) impressive vault.

Kids: Watching Kohei Uchimura perform!…Floor! Floor! (Because) he did a lot of twists and turns.

Woman: After he finished his floor routine, he looked relieved. That was the best.

Boy: His twists and turns are beautiful.

[End video]

Interviewer: So that was on Uchimura’s vault, and the floor routine that earned him the gold medal. Yusuke and Ryohei, you both wear the expressions that say that Kohei’s performance was perfect. What do you think, Yusuke?

Yusuke: It was perfect, wasn’t it? I had goosebumps watching him. 

Ryohei: It was exciting. Watching Kohei’s landings, I got the motivation to practice harder so that my landings will be like that. I thought it was great that (watching him) would make me think as such. 

Interviewer: Great landings by Japan’s top member.

Kohei: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: It’s also touching to see the Tanaka siblings holding hands with their father.

Kazuhito: It had been awhile since we saw our father, so meeting him gave us a peace of mind.

Interviewer: What did you talk about?

Yusuke: I talked to my older sister (Rie), and she said that if she didn’t make mistakes during the Women’s All Around Finals, then I should treat her to yakiniku (grilled meat). If she made mistakes, then she would treat. It will be a feast.


Interviewer: We would also like to hear what Team Japan thought was a touching moment. 

Kazuhito: My high bar performance in the All Around Finals.

Kohei: Yusuke on still rings during the Team Finals. It wasn’t really about his great performance, but I thought it was touching how much he has become stronger. 

Yusuke: For a superstar to praise me like that, I feel happy.


Ryohei: For me too, it was Yusuke’s landing from still rings. His triumphant expression had his chin jut out all strong (laughs). It was powerful. 

Yusuke: My chin came out like that unconsciously! 

Interviewer: What about you, Yusuke?

Yusuke: When Kohei won and the Japanese anthem played during the victory ceremony – to hear it in London – it was really emotional.


“The society’s perception of the gold medalist, Kohei Uchimura”

Woman: He’s cool! Because he only smiles when he feels happy.

Woman1: He looks like a hardworking person.

Man: He’s refreshing.

Woman2: He seems too good to be true. 

Boy: Kind, handsome and big-hearted. 

Man1: He doesn’t cave in to pressure, it’s great. The bookmaker’s odds of him winning is 1.25, right? That’s a first since Symboli Rudolf (a famous Japanese racehorse). 

Woman3: Uchimura-kun, you can still work harder, right? 

[End video]


Interviewer: These are questions relating to Uchimura’s image. About still working hard…

Kohei: Yes, I want to work hard until I reach my limit. But honestly, my age now is at the peak of gymnastics – from now on, my body may not be as good but I don’t want people to see that. If I can, I want to maintain my strength and see how far my body can take it. 

Interviewer: How about “Hardworking, cool and refreshing”…? 

Kohei: People considered this too much, didn’t they?

Interviewer: What do his teammates think? Does he possess these qualities?

Others: …

Kohei: Hey!


Interviewer: He must have done something kind, surely.

Ryohei: His indirect kindness is like when he takes care of our discipline. I thought that was nice of him. 

Interviewer: Next, about the Tanaka brothers. 


Couple: Good relationship.

Man: It’s amazing that the 3 siblings are in the Olympics.

Woman: I wonder if there’s any rivalry between the two?

[End Video]

Interviewer: How about that? 

Kazuhito: We are brothers, but we’re also rivals.

Yusuke: At the next event, we aim for a one-two finish. Of course, I aim to finish above him.

Interviewer: Do you have a good relationship?

Kazuhito: We don’t have fights.

Interviewer: Never?

Kazuhito: When we first started gymnastics, we almost did. But we don’t want to use our physical strength, except when we’re practicing. 

Yusuke: We also don’t have time to fight, since we’re always doing gymnastics.

Interviewer: The next one is about the team’s youngest member, Ryohei Kato.


Woman: Ikemen! (Pretty guy) Handsome. 

Woman1: [Who’s your type?] Kato. Kato is good-looking, isn’t he?

Man: He seems like someone who cares about his appearance.

[End video]

Ryohei: I put on face lotion after I take a bath. If I look through a magazine and thinks that a certain hairdo looks nice, then I will wear my hair like that. 

Interviewer: Uchimura also took part in the Beijing Olympics, at that time 19 years old. Do you have any words about Kato?

Kohei: If we were to go against each other in the All Around Finals, no doubt he would be my greatest rival since he stands out the most. 

Interviewer: Right now, Kato feels a little touched.


Kohei: Maybe he will walk down a path that is similar to mine…there will be a lot of pain, difficulties and experiences. Even so, I want us to overcome obstacles together. 

“Team Japan was able to show beautiful gymnastics to the world. Now in 4 years time, towards Rio”

Kohei: We were able to do our best because of everyone’s support. Eventhough our team’s aim was to get the gold medal, we will work hard in 4 years and change the color of our medals from silver to gold. Please continue supporting us.

Translation by: penguinee@Tumblr

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