[NEWS] 120817 Facebook and the Social Olympics – who did we talk about?

The London 2012 Olympic games were billed as “the Social Olympics”. That was mostly because of the high rate of social media use in the community, but also because the athletes themselves were tweeting and Facebooking while in London. But what exactly was popular during the Games? EFTM has some interesting data from Facebook showing exactly who and what was talked about…

Rather unsurprisingly, Usain Bolt dominated the discussion in most countries. Bolt’s gold medals in the 100mand 200m might have only lasted a few seconds, but the man himself generated huge talk on Facebook.

In Australia, he was the most discussed athlete ahead of Sally Pearson and James Magnussen. Bolt was also the most discussed in France, the UK, Spain, Canada, Germany and Singapore. He featured in the top three most discussed athletes in New Zealand, Italy and Russia.

Matthew Mitcham, Emily Seebohm, Anna Meares and Christian Sprenger were the other Aussies in the top 10 athletes mentioned by Australians, joining international stars Kobe Bryant, Mo Farrah and Tom Daley.

At a glance, South Korea looks like the most parochial, with the top 10 athletes mentioned there not featuring any of these international superstars like Bolt or Phelps.

Globally, Usain Bolt topped the list, with the weight of the USA’s Facebook audience pushing Michael Phelps to second place globally, followed by US Dual Gold Medal winning Gymnast Gabby Douglas in third.

No-one can match Michael Phelps for pulling power though, he attracted an extra 747,300 fans during the games, even ahead of Usain Bolt’s 694,200.

Here’s a complete look at the most discussed athletes in each country: CLICK HERE

Source: Trevor Long @ EFTM

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