A☆RK First Official Project

THE HARMONY OF LOVE: Ryohei Kato Birthday Project

Hello to all viewers of ARK! ^_^

Our beloved Ryohei Kato will celebrate his 19th birthday on September 9, 2012. In line with the celebration, let us express how much we support and love him by simply submitting any work of your creative mind.

The title of the project is “The Harmony of Love” which primarily aims to give love for Ryohei Kato on his special day. It gathers all the thoughts of fans, their birthday wishes and how they express their support for the amazing man of their heart.

You can choose any of the following categories:

☆ ARTWORK (.JPG / Scanned)

– It must be original.

– Give a shout out for Ryohei such as “Happy Birthday”, “We support you”, “We love you”, etc.

– The image should be clear and will not exceed to 2MB.

– Indicate your name (and your country) to give credit to your work.

– You can also take a picture together with your work, if you want.

 FAN LETTER (.JPG / Scanned) 

– Use simple words/phrases.

– There is no limitation of words, but please be direct to the point like expressing your support and birthday wishes.

– The image should be clear and will not exceed to 2MB.


– It must be at least 1 minute.

– You may do it individually or in a group.

– Include your birthday wishes and express how you support him.

– Mention your name and your country.


– It must be original.

– Make it simple and be creative.

– Don’t forget to give a shout out for Ryohei such as “Happy Birthday”.

– The best banner will be utilized as the header for this fansite during the celebration.



1. Use English or Japanese.

2. No obscene language or act.

3. If possible, avoid being possessive like “Ryohei is mine”, “Please marry me”, etc. We show love for him with this project but please know your limitations.


Send your entry at kurumi_shim@yahoo.com with the subject “Ryohei Kato Birthday Project”. Indicate your name and your country along with your attached file or link.

Deadline of submission is September 2, 2012. All your entries will be compiled accordingly and will be linked to Ryohei’s twitter account.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment or send via e-mail.

I will appreciate all your effort.

Thank you so much everyone. ^_^


– Kurumi Shim, Founder of ARK

About Kurumi Shim

Anime & manga enthusiast. Otaku Blogger. Gamer. J-drama fan.

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