[TRANS] 120815 Ryohei’s Twitter Update

TRANSLATION: (Read from bottom to top)

Q3. Can I go seeing the inter high competition and where will it be held
A3. Absolutely you can (^^)v It will be at sendai! Men’s team scheduled on this 23, Aug I think it will be so fun ♪ヽ(´▽`)/ and these were the questions I was asked most (^o^)/

Q2. Where should I send letter fans to you? A2. Juntendo university, Sakura campus, gymnastics club, I will be if you send the letters there (^^)v

Q1.why did you smell the flowers so many times (he means in the medalist’s ceremony)
A1. I wanna know if it was the real or fake flowers! haha and the smell of it was so good that’s why I smell many times ( ´△`) haha then I realized it’s natural (^o^)/

yesterday after I tweeted fan made photo, there were so many of fan made photo sent to me after that, I’m so happy (^^)v After I went back to Japan, there were many questions sent to me and I’ll answer 3 main questions!

Translator: Uchimura Kohei & Kato Ryohei FB Fanpage

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