[TRANS] 120811 Ryohei’s Twitter Update

TRANSLATION: (Read from bottom to top)

I went home for a short while earlier today~ I have to return to the university dormitory now!  As I thought, I feel the calmest at home! I’m so thankful for this awesome cake (the cake is from his parents congratulating him on the silver medal^^)

After the live recording ended, I had Teppanyaki (food cooked on iron griddle, usually in front of customers) on the 30th floor of the hotel I stayed in! I was healed/refreshed by the delicious food and beautiful scenery

conversation with Tanaka Yusuke, his London 2012 teammate

@yusuke165 I’m back!  You promised to tweet so I waited for Lord Yusuke’s tweet till I nearly ‘ripped’ (? He’s just emphasizing how long he waited xD) but there was still no sign of you so… hehe Welcome back! (he’s welcoming Yusuke too since the whole team just returned to Japan)

Translation credits to Jardena&EstherSoh&NicoleLim @facebook.com/kato.ryohei.fanpage

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