[VIDEO+TRANS] 120808 Bidding for 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan




Interviewer: Uchimura, you have a lot of foreign pins on your ID.

Kohei: I have about 20 of them. At first, I only put up Japanese pins but I’ve asked for some exchange (for foreign ones). The rarest one is from Micronesia.


Interviewer: What are you planning to do (in Japan) when the Olympics are over?

Kazuhito: I want to have wakame (laughs)

Interviewer: What about you, Yusuke?

Yusuke: I’m going to buy a car!

Others: (laughs) Did you even hear the question?

Yusuke: Ah, I wonder what I will do…

Ryohei: I want to rest properly. But the games aren’t over yet, so I shouldn’t be saying that.

Interviewer: What do you bring with you when you’re abroad?

Kazuhito: Chewing gum.

Kohei: Black Thunder (chocolate bar).


Interviewer: Really?

Kohei: Yes.

Yusuke: You brought a whole lot of them.

Kohei: They’re already finished.

Interviewer: So only Kohei ate them, not everybody else…

Kohei: Everybody ate them.

Yusuke: Everybody? (laughs)

Translation source: penguinee@Tumblr

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