[VIDEO+TRANS] 120808 Press Conference in London



Translator: Uchimura Kohei & Kato Ryohei FB Fanpage

The press conference was held on 8.8.12 in London where 4 teammates were joining, except for Yamamuro Koji who already went back to Japan for medical healing.

― What is  your feelings now?

Kohei 「Half of the feelings is relieved but still a bit agonizing when reminding of the game. I think I will feel completely relieves when go back to Japan and continue on other games.」

Ryohei 「I tried hard on training and aimed to win the gold medal, so actually I feel disappointed. However this is my first time on Olympic game and I could won the silver, I am very happy」

― How much do you think you could show your power in ratio?

Kohei 「 I could not perform well in qualification and men’s team, but did better in individual and floor exercise, so about 50% in concluded」

Ryohei 「I didn’t make any big mistake both in qualification and final men’s team, so about 80%」

― What were your feelings when the final men’s team game ended with pommel horse and Japan ranked in the 4th place? And when the rank was turned into the 2nd place?  

Kohei 「I had no word when the 4th rank was shown in the board. It was all  my mistake that the team ranked in forth, I couldn’t have any word with teammate but look only onto the score board」

Ryohei 「At that time I was stunned, it liked my head turned into whole white. And I feel relieved after the supervisor and coach protested then turned into the 2nd place.」

― (Question for Kohei) In men’s team competition, your facial expression looked hard?

Kohei 「I was only one who had to perform all 6 rotations in the final team competition, so I was buried into the thought of bracing up myself, and that might be the reason why it shown hardly onto my expression」

― How was the meal at Olympic village?

Kohei 「Four years ago, people known about my eating habit that I don’t like vegetable much, but now I can eat anything」

Ryohei 「I always eat meat and fruits which are my favorite」

― What do you think about the silver medal?

Kohei 「My goal so long was to win the gold medal so it’s a disappointed medal. It was the same disappointed feelings since last Beijing Olympics that pushed me more efforts in the world championship and also in London Olympics. So this silver medal will do the same and show me the next goal; first is to win in the men’s team competition at the world championship and then win the gold medal in the next 4 years at Rio Olympics. This silver medal became the driving force to move myself for continuing until next 4 years」

Ryohei 「I do not have experienced the disappointed feeling of the silver medal at the World Championships last year and two years ago. So without that feeling of strong pressure, I could perform at ease in this London Olympics. For my first experience in Olympics, this silver medal shines so brightly」

― What do you want to eat most?

Kohei 「My mom’s cooked food」

Ryohei 「I want my dad to bring me to the yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant; as his father is a national team coach so the other teammates gave a hilarious look at him simultaneously)

― What do you want to do most?

Ryohei 「I received many messages such as “well done” “congratulation”, so I want to reply them quickly」


Translated by: Uchimura Kohei & Kato Ryohei FB Fanpage

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  1. hi! kurumishim!!! arigatou for the translation wiiii also for parts of uchimura i love them and your wordpress

    bye ^ ^

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