[TRANS] 120810 Ryohei’s Twitter Update

TRANSLATION: (Read from bottom to top)

“At a hotel near TV stations in Odaiba (Tokyo Bay area) now.  People have been telling me I have a sleepy face –  During tomorrow’s recording I may have a sleepy face as it will be early in the morning and I am not a morning person hehe. I don’t know which programme I am appearing on(?), I’m sorry!”

“Silver medal and certificate! Will post more photos in my spare time”

“Looks like the /image?/ just now couldn’t be read hehe (somehow he thinks there was a technical error in his previous upload, but there wasn’t haha)

“Thank you so much for your unending support! I will continue to do my utmost best, thank you for the cheers!!”

“Tadaima~ (Expression for ‘I’m back’) I have arrived safely! We were aiming for the gold medal but missed it, fought till the end for the silver! The London Olympic games have been such a memorable experience, and it is now a happy memory” 

“I was so surprised that I received so many messages, thank you! I wish I could reply all of them but I can’t. I have to settle down quickly, will be very busy with inter college competitions that begin in 10 days!”

Translation credits to Jardena&EstherSoh&NicoleLim@facebook.com/kato.ryohei.fanpage

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