[NEWS] Interview with Ryohei and his mother before the London 2012

Interview with Mr. Kato
Q: Will you tell us about your memories at Sakae Elementary and Sakae Junior High School you garagudated from?
A: I mostly played soccer or basketball at the schoolyard during the breaks.  I also played in the parks in Matsubara-danchi.

Q: Is there any places you like or places of full of memories in Soka?
A: I like a row of pine trees but the memorable place for me is the Gymnasium of KONAMI Gymnastics Club.
(Mother Yumi): He has been going there since was a baby.  He crawled on the floor near the horizontal bar.

Q: You were selected as the youngest representative in your team.  Can I ask your determination for the Olympic Games at London?
A: I still have much room for improvement in technique and mentality, but I will do my best to demonstrate what I have and to contribute to the team.

Q: What performance do you want to be noticed at this Olympics?
A: Definitely, Floor Exercise.

Q: Soka citizens pay attention and have high hopes for you.  Would you give a message to them?
A: I hope my performance will give courage and excitement to citizens of Soka.

Q: Do you have any advice to the children in Soka who practice playing not only gymnastics but a variety of sports?
A: I thnk enjoying by yourself is the most important thing.  If you like the sport the feelings that you want to play more and keep at it arises in your mind naturally.  Of course you will have a hard time but don’t give up.  You will improve your skills if you persevering in your efforts

Interview with mother Yumi
Q: What was he like?
A: He was a lively and hated to lose.  He was sometimes too lively to embarrass me. (laugh)

Q: I heard you also did gymnastics.
A: Yes.  I participated in an interscholastic athletic competition when I was the second and third graders of high school.  I played in National Athletic Meet, too.  That is all history.

Q: Do you have any educational policy for raising children as a mother of top athlete?
A: I have no policy as a parent of a gymnast.  I’ve never said “Do this or do that” concerning his practice.  But I have said before”Your legs were not straightened.” or “How about doing that this way?” to see his performances at comepetitions. (laugh)  I wonder my husband (Mr. Hiroyuki Kato, Coach of Japan’s national team) had never done the pointing out his mistakes.

Source: http://www.city.soka.saitama.jp/english/news/2012/120720/0301.html

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