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Anchor: Good morning, the London Olympics are now 21 days away and Team Japan’s athletes are all ready to set off!

(draws attention to the board listing all of Japan’s London 2012 representatives)

There are 136 male athletes and 156 female athletes, a total of 292 athletes representing us at London 2012 Olympics. Everyone is putting in their utmost effort to win a medal! For now, there is something important to introduce, Terry-san (host)? Terry-san has a good-looking guy (Japanese term: ikemen) to introduce!

Terry-san: Team Japan has an ikemen athlete, Kato Ryohei-kun! Please take a look, he’s amazing.

(Clip of Ryohei performing a Floor routine)

Narrator: The 18 year old who was selected to be part of the Olympic team during qualifications held from April to May, Kato Ryohei-senshu (athlete) – the highly-skilled ikemen athlete on Japan’s national team! So, a survey on this ikemen?

Question: What do you think this ikemen does (eg.occupation)?

Girl 1: herd-boy…maybe?

Girl 2: I seem to have seen him on television before, he has the actor vibe!

Girl 3: Miura Haruma! So good-looking~~~

Narrator: Oh my, everyone seems to think he is a model or actor! When I told them he was an athlete…


Girl: Wow the team has such a good-looking guy??

Narrator: So, Nakayama-reporter will interview this handsome youth!

Question: When asked about his interests and likes…

Ryohei: When I’m free, I like to visit convenience stores and look for sweet things to eat

Reporter: ahhhh ‘sweets guy’??

Ryohei: It seems so, I really like sweet foods!

Narrator:  Ah ah! Even the way he speaks is soothing! (sorry not sure about this one) After this, we will discover more things about Kato Ryohei-senshu that you did not know about!

Narrator: Today’s programme is about a member of men’s gymnastics team, Kato Ryohei! This is the national team’s training centre.

Reporter: This is where Kato-senshu trains! Where is he~? Right now, he’s at the parallel bars! Wow from here I already understand why people call him an ikemen!

Narrator: Right away we expose what everyone has being looking forward to, his wonderful build! The 163cm tall, 54kg body looks like…? (Ryohei shows us his body 8D) Look at those muscles, he’s a total work of art! (The next few lines are rather embarrassing haha)

Reporter: If I use force to press it (his muscles), they don’t feel that hard?

Ryohei: Yes, they’re not that hard.

Reporter: They feel just right! Is this a body that gymnastics requires?

Ryohei: Yes, if the muscles are too hard, the risk of injury is higher. Like that we are able to complete lively and complex routines.

Narrator: He also has back muscles! These muscles are the result of an athlete’s hard work! Now he will use these weights to demonstrate one of their training methods!

Ryohei: (demonstrating regular push-up) Usually this is how you train right? But for gymnasts… (goes on handstand for push-up)

Reporter: ahhhhhhhh wow amazing! How many times can you do this?

Ryohei: Usually around 10 times every time.

Narrator: Only with persistent training can you develop a good physique! Artistic gymnastics consists of the following apparatus – floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar. Out of all these, the one Kato is most confident of is…floor! And he has mastered a skill few in Japan have managed to – a backward 3 ½ somersault! His landings are firm/stable and his scores are high. With regards to Kato-senshu’s steady floor skills…Team Japan’s Olympic champion coach’s views are?

Coach: His skills in ___ are above average (sorry not sure what zhi4kong1 means), but he still has room for improvement in terms of controlling himself in the air to nail his landings. (?)

(stuff about Japan’s history in Olympic gymnastics)

Narrator: Actually Kato-senshu’s father is also a gymnast who has competed at the Olympics, he was part of Japan’s gymnastics ‘dream team’! Now, as Japan’s national team coach, he is also training his son. His aim is to revive Japan’s dominance in gymnastics. This father-son pair has been working hard for the Olympics. What is he watching on that iPad?

Ryohei: To compare my performance during training with my past competition routines in order to keep track of my progress – I want to improve every time.

Narrator: So they were watching clips of his past competition routines and discussing his landing techniques. Finally, Kato-senshu who was busy training has a happy encounter!

Ryohei: In April this year after receiving my Olympic team appointment, I received my first fan letter. I was so happy! That was the first letter I ever received that expressed adoration for me, I thought “ah this is so nice”, I was really very happy.

Reporter: Do you hope to receive more letters~~?

Ryohei: Noooo~ How do I say this…definitely I do, but I feel so nervous!! Silently supporting me, I will feel very happy also!

Narrator: Oh this extremely shy Kato-senshu, Nakayama-reporter still has a burning question she wants to ask!

Reporter: Do you have a girlfriend? Right now?

Ryohei: Right now I don’t have one.

Reporter: No…?

Narrator: Later, we have a big present for the lonely Kato-senshu!

Narrator: Today, we’re covering Japan’s ikemen gymnast, floor specialist 18 year old Kato Ryohei-senshu! When asked about his ideal girl, the currently single Kato said…

Ryohei: I like understanding girls… Due to training I don’t have much free time, if she is able to accept this then that will be good.

Reporter: What about your favourite entertainer?

Ryohei: Entertainer….Sasaki Nozomi-san!

Narrator: What is it about model Sasaki Nozomi, that Kato likes?

Ryohei: Her big eyes, yeaps

Narrator: When she found out Kato-senshu’s favourite entertainer was herself, Sasaki Nozomi decided to record a comment video!

Sasaki: Knowing that the popular Kato-senshu’s favourite entertainer was myself, I’m very happy! I have also trained in gymnastics for 10 years, I’m really proud that you are able to compete at the Olympics at just 18 years old! Right now you must be undergoing tough training in preparation for the Olympics, please take care, all the best! I support you! This was Sasaki Nozomi!

Narrator: Kato-senshu even received a present!

Ryohei: (Opens box) Ohhhhh! This~~

Reporter: What is inside? What is that?

Ryohei: Sasaki Nozomi-san’s autograph and photobook! (he looks like such an adorable fanboy saying this haha)

Narrator: (repeat of box’s contents) The book is also autographed inside!

Ryohei: I’m really very happy, I will treasure this forever! I am so happy, even though my face doesn’t show it but my spirit is very uplifted!

Narrator: Our interviewee Kato-senshu is very excited (Japanese expression: ‘High tension’)!

Ryohei: I must think of a place in my room to display this. I feel like bringing the photobook to London!

Narrator: After receiving encouragement from Sasaki Nozomi-san, please do your best at the Olympics Kato-senshu!

Ryohei: I will put in my utmost effort to be a great member of the team and help to bring home a good coloured medal!

Reporter: What do you consider a good coloured medal?

Ryohei: Ah….gold medal, yes! I will do my best!

Hosts: See, he’s handsome right! He’s so popular! He’s really an ikemen! All the different sides of him are so attractive and his physique is really great! His composure shows a good state of mind. Kato-senshu’s first Olympic event is on the 28th of July, we wish him good luck!

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